International Moving

Relocating to a new country is usually a stressful and expensive affair to most people especially those that are forced by circumstances to undergo the process unexpectedly. Here are PO Shipping & Moving USA, we offer special international moving services at a competitive rate. We have been doing so for the last ten years and have enough connections with shipping companies and other industry players to make sure that you get to your destinations well.


Extensively Trained Personnel

The team is extensively trained on not only the physical way of facilitating a move but also the legal procedures that have to be undertaken to make sure that the cargo is shipped with minimal stress to both parties. To save you time, we will help you fill and submit all the necessary documents to the relevant authorities.


If you are in the business of offering products, it is important to make sure that you get to your destination within the shortest time possible. Therefore, we have set up mechanisms that enable us to deliver products within the shortest time possible. Even though unforeseen things can happen resulting in delays, our team will work on making sure that your cargo is transported to the destination within the shortest time possible. We will also give you a realistic estimate to help you plan yourself well.

Call us today for the best and most trusted international moving services. Whether you want to relocate with your entire family or relocate your business. We have what it takes to get the work done.